Saturday, April 24, 2010
NEW LOCATION! RED GYM, 2nd Floor, MSC Lounge | 11:30AM - 6:30PM | FREE

Currently, Wisconsin has one of the highest incarceration rate for minority, particularly African American, youth in the nation. It is important for local youth to be both aware of this epidemic and to learn about resources for overcoming the problem. By bringing students to campus and providing them with a series of workshops, students can gain insight into activities that can steer them away from this epidemic and encourage them to invest their time in self-fulfilling actions. These workshops will take place on Saturday, April 24, and will focus on identity education, as well as a series of art-based activities from poetry and spoken word to graffiti art. They will be lead by prominent artists from campus and the greater Wisconsin area. We look forward to continuing a tradition of a fun and insightful weekend and make an impact on Madison’s youth population.


HEATBOX: A Beatbox Workshop
Saturday, April 24, 2010
INGRAHAM HALL, ROOM 19, 1155 Observatory Drive, Madison | 12:00PM - 1:00PM | FREE

After seeing Heatbox open for Janelle Monae, learn from the specialist as he demonstrates his vocal skills in combination with a loop-machine. The Twin Cities' human drum (and other instruments) machine will facilitate a loop-machine tutorial and discussion, answering questions from the audience. Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to learn from one of the Midwest's hottest beatbox talents.



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